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PPSPY Review: Best Shopify Store Spy Tool [2024]

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I know how tough it can be to find your footing on Shopify. When I started, it felt like no matter how much work I put in, my store just wouldn’t take off. Sales were slow, and I couldn’t seem to catch the wave of trending products in time.

Then, I found PPSPY, and it completely changed my approach. I started using this tool that let me see what successful Shopify stores were doing right. It was like having a roadmap to what customers were actually buying.

PPSPY Review Key Takeaways

  • Market Analysis: PPSPY provides insights into market trends and competitor strategies, essential for success on Shopify.
  • Product Research: Use tools like the niche scraper to identify profitable products and market niches.
  • Sales Tracking: Monitor real-time sales and traffic to adapt and improve your Shopify store’s performance.

This tool helped me spot the best products to sell and understand my competition better. It’s super user-friendly and made a real difference in my sales. 

Let’s explore how PPSPY can help your Shopify store succeed too. Please read my PPSPY review!

PPSPY Review

PPSPY is a great tool for business owners looking to gain an edge in the competitive world of Shopify dropshipping. With an AI-driven approach, finding those sought-after items across various Shopify outlets becomes less of guessing game and more about precise targeting. It goes beyond tracking today’s trends – by predicting tomorrow’s winners, stores can see their profits soar to new heights.

PPSPY Review, win with AI!

PPSPY Review: Exploring the Basics

PPSPY has become increasingly popular among online marketers for its comprehensive approach to spying on Shopify stores. This tool helps dropshippers gain valuable insights into market trends and top-selling products.

Understanding PPSPY as a Shopify Spy Tool

PPSPY is a dedicated Shopify spy tool that assists users in uncovering the strategies and performance metrics of successful Shopify stores. It’s designed with dropshipping in mind, aiming to provide a competitive edge by allowing users to monitor live sales data and track what is currently trending in the world of e-commerce. 

With PPSPY, users get the advantage of understanding the dynamics of online stores that are leading the market, which in turn helps them refine their own sales and marketing strategies.

Key Features of PPSPY

The key features of PPSPY include a range of powerful analytics tools such as:

  • Product Research: This enables users to identify what products are in demand, checking their popularity and viability before adding them to their own stores.
  • Sales Tracking: Designed to let users view real-time sales data from a variety of Shopify stores, giving them insights into what products are selling right now.
  • User-Friendly Interface: PPSPY prides itself on being approachable even to those who are new to dropshipping, with a clean, intuitive dashboard.

With these features, it offers a transparent peek into the world of dropshipping, which helps to demystify the success behind thriving Shopify stores. 

PPSPY Review, discover the best selling products.

Detailed PPSPY Review

PPSPY equips users with the ability to uncover crucial data about their competitors’ Shopify stores, thus potentially boosting the success rate of their dropshipping business.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Provides in-depth store analytics to track top-selling products and real-time sales.
  • Aids in product research by identifying popular products and emerging product trends.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of gathering valuable insights.
  • PPSPY Chrome Extension allows for easy access to the tool’s features directly while browsing.


  • May require a learning curve for those new to e-commerce analytics.
  • Advanced features are locked behind higher-tier pricing plans.

Diving into Pricing and Plans

PPSPY offers different pricing tiers to accommodate a range of user needs:

  • Basic Plan: At $19.90 per month, includes core features like store and product research and live sales tracking.
  • Advanced Plan: For $39.90 monthly, it builds on the Basic with enhanced Shopify store analysis tools.
  • Enterprise Plan: Tailored for large businesses, the price varies based on specific requirements, offering comprehensive features such as traffic analysis and unlimited access to data.

User Reviews and Feedback

Users generally highlight the ease of finding successful products and the benefit of discerning competitors’ marketing strategies. 

Feedback consistently praises the traffic source analysis, which gives insights into how competitors attract visitors. 

However, some point out the lack of a free plan as a potential barrier for new dropshippers testing the online marketplaces. 

Most Shopify store owners find PPSPY a valuable tool in gaining a competitive edge.

PPSPY Review, track competitors sales.

PPSPY Review: Maximizing Sales

Using PPSPY effectively can result in significant sales growth for Shopify store owners. By focusing on its strengths in product tracking and sales insights, they can sharpen their marketing strategies and product offerings.

Tracking Best-Selling Products

To stay ahead of the competition, customers can use PPSPY to track the top-selling products on Shopify stores. 

This tool identifies which items are performing well across various online stores, enabling users to make informed decisions about inventory selection. 

By analyzing sales performance, they can better align their product range with consumer demand and market trends, potentially increasing their own sales figures.

Real-Time Sales and Traffic Insights

One of the key advantages of using PPSPY is gaining access to live sales and traffic data from competitor Shopify stores. 

This real-time information lets users monitor sales as they happen, providing insights into which products are popular at any given moment. 

Furthermore, understanding traffic sources helps to tailor marketing strategies and draw in more visitors to their online store. 

By harnessing these insights, Shopify merchants can refine their sales tactics and capitalize on current shopping trends.

PPSPY Review, market research by shopify store.

PPSPY Review: Market Research

Utilizing PPSPY can significantly enhance a store owner’s market research by offering direct insights into the competition and inspiring store design improvements.

Competitor Analysis and Store Metrics

Through PPSPY’s competitor analysis, Shopify store owners can monitor various metrics of their rivals’ online stores. 

The tool provides a comprehensive look into store analytics, including live sales data, which can shed light on which products are trending and experiencing high volumes of traffic. 

By identifying these top-selling products, entrepreneurs can adapt their marketing strategies to potentially increase their own success rate.

  • Live sales tracking: Stay informed with real-time sales data.
  • Product analysis: Understand why certain products are popular.
  • Traffic sources: Discover where competitor traffic is originating from.

These features offer Shopify store owners a tangible edge by revealing successful products and strategies in use by their peers.

Finding Inspiration for Your Store Layout and Design

PPSPY isn’t just about scrutinizing the competition; it can also help improve your store layout and design. 

Shopify store owners often scrutinize their site’s aesthetics. They know it affects customer retention and conversion rates.

  • Theme design: Analyze competitors’ sites to spark theme design ideas for your store.
  • Koala Inspector: This additional feature helps identify which apps are boosting competitors’ performance.

Leveraging PPSPY can guide you in refining your own Shopify store analysis. It can potentially lift your store’s attractiveness and functionality to match or exceed market standards.


What is PPSPY?

PPSPY is a Shopify spy tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to provide detailed analytics on trending and best-selling products, helping users enhance their dropshipping business on the Shopify platform.

How does PPSPY support product research?

PPSPY aids in product research by scanning competitors’ stores for new products and best-selling items, giving users valuable insights into market demand and competitive market trends.

Can PPSPY track sales from mobile devices?

Yes, PPSPY is equipped to track sales and store’s traffic from both desktop and mobile devices, offering real-time insights that help tailor marketing campaigns effectively.

What valuable insights does PPSPY offer for dropshipping businesses?

PPSPY offers insights into sales history, product price, and traffic source analysis, crucial for understanding which products are driving sales and how competitors are attracting customers.

Does PPSPY provide tools for analyzing niche markets?

Yes, PPSPY includes tools like the niche scraper and commerce inspector, which are essential for identifying lucrative niche markets and understanding competitors’ strategies in those niches.

How does the Shopify spy tool help with market research?

This tool provides a range of features that help dissect detailed information about successful stores, including product type, product page traffic, and overall e-commerce business performance on the Shopify website.

What is the significance of PPSPY’s free Chrome extension?

The free Chrome extension offers quick and direct link access to PPSPY’s useful features, making it easier for Shopify clients to conduct store research and access Shopify analytics seamlessly.

Can PPSPY help with social media marketing?

Absolutely, PPSPY can track the effectiveness of social media campaigns, including TikTok ads and Facebook ads, helping users optimize their advertising strategies and increase online business success.

What customer support options does PPSPY offer?

PPSPY provides robust customer support to help users navigate its range of features, assisting with everything from the Shopify theme design to the use of the app detector for identifying Shopify apps.

Thank you for reading my PPSPY Review.

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